How to brew beer at home

Having the home made beer is a fun in itself. Trying out different flavors and experimenting in the process is a great activity. Even though it is easy but if the composition of ingredients goes wrong it can alter the flavor considerably. The easiest way to brew beer is by using the malt extract.

The first and foremost thing required in brewing beer at home is the utensils. You will need a stove, on which you can bring about gallons of water to boil, pots which can handle gallons of water and spoons which can stir in this much quantity of water. Measuring cup, strainers, can openers, thermometer and sterilizing equipment are a few more things that you would need. After getting all the utensils, cleaning and sterilizing them is very important. As beer involves yeast, making sure yeast gets the correct environment is essential.

The process starts off with boiling water and bringing it to a good boil. Once boiled take it off the flame and add in malt extract. After it has dissolved, put the liquid back on heat and let it boil. Next add in hops. Hops are flavoring flowers which are primarily used in adding flavor to beer. After the liquid has come to a good boil, transfer this wort into a sanitized fermenter.

This fermenter should be pre filled with water. Now wait till the temperature of the entire liquid drops. Once that happens, now add yeast into the wort and seal or airlock the fermenter. After it is tightly closed and sealed, give the fermenter a good shake so that the yeast mixes in well with the liquid. Now put away this fermenter in a place where the temperature may not change often and leave it there for a good 1-2 weeks.

In about 3-4 weeks, bring water to boil and add in it priming sugar. Now transfer this liquid into another sanitized and cleaned fermenter and siphon the wort (now beer) into it. Once done, add a tap to the fermenter and fill bottles with your freshly made, hygienic, homemade beer.

Making beer at home is not a difficult task. There are a couple of stress points that one should be careful of throughout the entire process. These include;

· Having the correct temperature. Continuously monitoring temperature of the water, wort, fermented liquid and the sugar liquid is necessary. This is because mixing liquids at an incorrect temperature will spoil the batch and you will have to start all over again.

· Using sterilized equipment. Since beer is made by microorganisms reacting, having the correct temperature is important. This is because we want them to react only with certain organisms. Therefore, if the pots and fermenters are unclean, the wort may react with other organisms which again will spoil the batch. Also once yeast is added there should be no way of other organisms reacting with the liquid.

· Monitoring the liquid after the yeast is added. Once yeast is added, there should be clear indication of carbon dioxide forming inside the fermenter. This is because, the yeast will cause the organisms to react, and this chemical reaction will produce carbon dioxide and prove that brewing is being done correctly.

These tips and steps must be followed precisely so as to get the best homemade brewed beer.


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