What is a microbrew?

When you hear the term micro brew beer, what does it actually mean? Microbrews are just beers that are made in smaller quantities, either in dedicated microbreweries or even right from home by any individual. With small bathes and a hand made process, these beers are generally much more flavorful and unique than mass produced beers. A micro brew can refer to either the size of the producer or the amount or volume of a specific beer that’s produced, and it’s a term that has been in use since at least the 70s in the UK. A traditional limit of what qualifies for a microbrew is 15,000 barrels per year or less, as opposed to mass produced beers which can be much more massive.
You probably can’t wait to get started on your new activity, homebrewing. Your mouth is probably watering, at the thought of sipping that first homebrewed beer made with your very own Microbrew Equipment. But what Microbrew Equipment do you need? A Stainless steel beer brewing kettle, a great stainless conical fermenter are the first things that come to mind. In this article, we take a closer look.

Ready to start?

Your close relatives are enthused on that new chapter in your life. You have a good friend who will be more then ready to assist you out. You have discovered the ideal place within your house to set up your Microbrew Equipment, and you have found a recipe that does not merely looks easy, also, it does sound tantalizing. You’re ready to roll. Well almost ready to roll, you still have to setup your home brewing system, and before you can create your system you have to purchase a few pieces of microbrew equipment.

Microbrew Equipment You need to Bottle Your Brew

Starting at the end of the process once you have all the microbrew equipment necessary to set up a home brewing system you will need to purchase microbrew equipment that you’ll use to bottle your brew. You ought to invest in a minimum of two to four cases of beer bottles. Make certain the bottles are clean and that they are the non-twist variety. Your beer bottles won’t do you any good if you don’t pick up a package of caps. A proper bottle capper will make the job of capping the beer bottles lots simpler.

Microbrew Equipment Needed For the Brewing System

One of the most crucial microbrew equipment you’ll need is something to brew your beer in; a beer brewing kettle. Most home brewers recommend that your brew kettle is at least 8 gallons. 8 gallons might seem huge to a starter, but experienced brewers find that when they use a smaller sized brew kettle, they have got a difficult time dealing with boilovers and often end up scorching their brew. Brew kettles ought to be made out of stainless steel.

The next house brewing tool you need to have at hand is often a bottle of bleach; you’ll use the bleach to sanitize your home brewing system.

And of course, you’ll need one of those great looking conical fermenters like for example the famous Terminator, to use to ferment your brew. With this type of Microbrew Equipment, it is wise to buy the good stuff you can also use food plastic buckets to brew in, but you can be sure that proper stainless steel equipment will much better, and it is made to last a lifetime. Whichever of the microbrew equipment you pick should be able to handle at least 10 gallons of liquid. While you might be purchasing the Fermenator and brewing kettle, you’ll also pick up six feet of vinyl hose which you can use to siphon your home made a brew.





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